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Why Static Caravans Are More Luxurious Than Conventional Caravans

Whether you want a permanent residence or you are just looking to have a fun camping expedition for you and your friends and family, static caravans are always a good option for you. In some parts of the world, people live in these caravans year in year out. The reason why static caravans are preferred to conventional caravans is the fact that they provide you with the comfort and luxury of home away from home. They have many features which make them more luxurious for you so that you can enjoy a fun and stress free stay whenever you are. The following factors make residential park homes better to live in than to live in conventional homes.

Ample space

Static caravans are not built with the intention to be moved around. To start with, they are larger than the usual movable houses. They are very spacious and they are not congested at all as every room is fully furnished and carpeted in a stylish manner with modern designs. In fact, static caravans resemble the traditional bungalows which have a pitched roof. Your comfort and space are not compromised in any way.

Availability of Gas and Electricity

You can have electricity and gas supply provided for you in your static caravan easily by professionals. Having a source of heat and light is essential for your comfort so that you can do all your cooking, take your shower and handle all routine chores with ease without any hassles. Safety checks will be carried out frequently to ensure that everything is installed properly to avoid any cases of accidents.



Security is provided in all residential park homes to ensure everyone stays safe just like those living in normal houses. People in such communities are easy going as they go about their daily lives without any fears and worries. When looking for any property, security is the first thing one looks at and in a static caravan you are assured of your safety and that of your property at all times.


There is no limit to the luxurious facilities that investors include for those who choose to rent or buy static caravans. There are facilities such as; heated swimming pool and spa, children’s play area, free access to wife, the list is endless. With all these, you and your family will surely enjoy all the comfort of the luxurious things that anyone enjoys in the suburbs. The fun is, you can also take your pet with you and provide it with all the necessities and luxuries it is used to.


Recent survey done on the lifestyle of those living in static caravans indicates that these people have nothing to complain about. The fact that some people live in these housing plan permanently goes to show how comfort, economical, convenient and safe they are. Compared to living in conventional caravans, static caravans are by far the best option due to the comfort and luxury you get to enjoy. At the end of the day, all you want is value for your money, something you will definitely find when staying in a static caravan.

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Updated: March 6, 2015 — 11:04 am
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