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What Has Caused the Rise in Popularity of Caravan Holidays in the UK?

Back in the year 2014, the number of bookings for caravan and camping holidays had risen by almost 15% compared to the previous year. The data provided showed that holidaymakers preferred a caravan holiday rather than going abroad for a holiday. This notable rise of caravan holidays has been associated with some factors which have favoured it even to the present.

The National Caravan Council reported that this rise can be associated to ‘glamping’. ‘Glamping’ is what people have branded the stylish, classy and lavish camping. Many people have shown their love for magnificent camping and that is exactly what caravan holidays are offering them. This popularity has seen the number of bookings rise notably.

Another reason that has led to the rise in the popularity of caravan holiday bookings is the fact that the industry managed to escape plans by the government to charge a levy on VAT on the caravan holiday homes sold. The plan was to increase the tax on the sold static caravans by 20%. This would see a $ 6000 increase in the sale of an average static caravan holiday home. The government however, reversed the plan and instead imposed only a 5% VAT rate. This implied that affording static caravans for a holiday had been made cheaper.


This low VAT tax rate has seen the industry grow since then. It has attracted a bigger number of people to make advance bookings. This has registered a 14% increase in advance bookings, something that has boosted the economy of UK by approximately $6 billion.

According to the Caravan Industry Training (CIT) head, people have had a new perspective towards camping in their homeland. The caravanning and camping holidays have had people develop a new image of what it is to have a holiday at their home. Many have discovered that their own shores offer very great experience and adventures. They have therefore chosen to explore in their own shores, instead of going abroad.

Something else favouring the rise of the popularity of caravan holidays is the increased options to choose from. There is a wide variety of classy and lavish choices to consider for your camping and holidays. In addition to the already existing options, glamping has increased the range from which the holidaymaker can choose from. This has seen many people make bookings since they are no longer restricted by the few options which were available before: they are at liberty to choose which kind of camping and holiday adventure gives them the greatest experience.

The urge by parents to cut down costs during their day trips and short breaks has also brought about the rise in caravan holidays. Parents are ready to spend an average of 40 dollars during these trips. This was according to a report produced by Travelodge in 2013. In a bid to minimize these costs, a number of parents are opting to visit beachside resorts such as Brighton and Cornwall rather than going abroad which turns out to be costly.

The increase of caravan holidays during school terms can be attributed to the fact that a 55% of families prefer to take their children out during school terms. Parents choose to take their children to tours while the school is in session to save on money. The amount a family would spend in a holiday abroad during school breaks is very high. This cannot be compared to the amount they would spend when they took out their children during the school term for caravan holidays. If you asked two-thirds of these parents how much they were striving to save by booking for caravan holidays, they would say that saving $500 or less is a good figure for them. Some even do so to save as little as $50. This was according to a report by the Direct Line Travel Insurance.

Parents are so much encouraged by the wide range of opportunities and the amount caravan holidays saves them compared to abroad visits during school breaks. Some are even going to an extent of forgetting that their children’s schools do have policies regarding taking breaks during school terms, and taking their children out anyway.

All these factors explain to you clearly why there has been rise of popularity of caravan holidays. Increased opportunities and so more adventurous experiences, favourable tax rates and the need to cut cost and save on holiday budgets being the leading causes.

Updated: March 2, 2015 — 12:41 pm
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