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North Wales Holiday Destinations

When looking for fun holiday destinations in Wales, would be travellers are often seduced by the lurid attractions of Cardiff and Swansea. However, for those willing to go the distance to explore North Wales, there are a great many cultural and historical discoveries to be made.

The city of Bangor is just one of those. Although its known as one of the smallest cities in Britain, its population of 18000 is a rambunctious one, boasting some 10000 students during term time. At the height of summer, the streets can be thronged with late night revellers enjoying the many bars and clubs that the city has to offer. For those looking for a more culturally refined experience, Bangor’s Cathedral can provide a moment’s respite and tranquility. Christians have worshiped at the Cathedral for nearly 1500 years, with the most recent restoration work being overseen by the famed architect George Gilbert Scott.


Travelling east out of Bangor, another site of historical heritage can be found. Penrhyn Castle, owned by the National Trust, is home to a vast array of fine paintings with the collection once housing a Rembrandt worth nearly £40m. Children are well catered for with an outside adventure playground and model railway museum but the real attraction is, of course, the castle itself. Built during a lavish period of the 19th century, Penrhyn Castle is one of the best examples of Norman revival architecture. The usual National Trust trappings of a café and helpful volunteers make the Castle a welcoming place to relax, before hitting the road east once more to North Wales’ quintessential holiday destination.

Unlike other seaside towns across Britain, that have struggled and died in the advent of the city break, Llandudno has remained a thriving must-see destination. Containing all the hallmarks of a traditional seaside resort, its charming Victorian architecture and striking promenade remain remarkably untouched by modern sensibilities. With traditional pubs as well as fine eateries, Llandudno caters to all. Of course a visit to the seaside would not be complete without a taste of the sea; fish and chips, cockles and mussels, as well as pricier fare can all be bought beach-side where regular Punch and Judy shows and donkey rides can entertain those of all ages.


Both historically and culturally rich, North Wales can offer a great deal to the intrepid traveller not to mention the vast expanse of the Snowdonia National Park. If you are thinking of exploring Wales for the weekend, a trip further North may just be the adventure you’re looking for

Best Holiday Destinations in the Scottish Islands

The Scottish Inner Hebrides are perfect for those who want to holiday amid scenic, unspoiled nature. There are many wonderful islands, each of which has its own character and each of which is delightful in its own special way. If seeking a get-away-from-it-all spot to unwind from your daily life and get away from the mundanity of everyday existence then one of the log cabins in Scotland, especially a lodge on one of the Scottish islands, could be just the ticket. There are a huge variety of accommodation options to choose from. Here are some of the beauty spots you could stay in for your Hebridean adventure:

Skye is the biggest of the Inner Hebrides and easily accessible due to the bridge from the mainland. Many people come here each year from around the world but luckily it is still easy to find a corner of its wild and rugged landscape all to yourself. Many mountaineers and wildlife enthusiasts come here each year to enjoy its wild beauty.


The Cuillin Mountains of Skye

The Small Isles: Rum, Eigg, Muck and Canna:

The Sma’ Isles are a nationally recognised area of scenic beauty. You must leave the car behind and explore these little islands on foot. The community on Eigg will be of particular interest to those with an interest in eco-living. The community are an excellent example of sustainability and resilience. The large and rare variety of wildlife here is studied by naturalists.

Coll and Tiree:
Tiree is the westernmost of the Inner Hebrides, and both Tiree and Coll are breezier than some of the islands that lie closer to the mainland. People who are used to travelling in Scotland in the summer will be glad to hear that the breezes on these islands can help to keep down numbers of the infamous Scottish biting midge!

Mull and Iona:
Mull is the second biggest of the Inner Hebridean islands and has a range of landscapes, from mountains to moorland to machair and glorious white sand beaches. Mull also plays host to a number of fascinating historical sites, and to the pretty and colourful town of Tobermory. Parents and young children will recognise this quaint harbour as ‘Balamory’ from the children’s television show. Iona, off the end of Mull, is an internationally renowned site of pilgrimage – an important spiritual site and an extremely peaceful place to visit.

This island has lodges with hot tubs, beautiful beaches and delightful manicured gardens helped by the gulf stream. Rhododendrons fill this island’s varied woodland with colour in the summer.
Classic Malts Cruise 2007

The Lagavulin Distillery on Islay

Islay and Jura:
People usually come to Islay and Jura for one reason: the whisky! There are a number of distilleries on the islands that are well known around the world. But even if you are not a fan of this tipple there are still lots of beautiful natural sites to see and plenty of wildlife to watch on these beautiful islands.

Whichever islands you choose to visit and wherever you choose to stay while you are there, you will be spell-bound and captivated by the beautiful Scottish Islands.

Why Static Caravans Are More Luxurious Than Conventional Caravans

Whether you want a permanent residence or you are just looking to have a fun camping expedition for you and your friends and family, static caravans are always a good option for you. In some parts of the world, people live in these caravans year in year out. The reason why static caravans are preferred to conventional caravans is the fact that they provide you with the comfort and luxury of home away from home. They have many features which make them more luxurious for you so that you can enjoy a fun and stress free stay whenever you are. The following factors make residential park homes better to live in than to live in conventional homes.

Ample space

Static caravans are not built with the intention to be moved around. To start with, they are larger than the usual movable houses. They are very spacious and they are not congested at all as every room is fully furnished and carpeted in a stylish manner with modern designs. In fact, static caravans resemble the traditional bungalows which have a pitched roof. Your comfort and space are not compromised in any way.

Availability of Gas and Electricity

You can have electricity and gas supply provided for you in your static caravan easily by professionals. Having a source of heat and light is essential for your comfort so that you can do all your cooking, take your shower and handle all routine chores with ease without any hassles. Safety checks will be carried out frequently to ensure that everything is installed properly to avoid any cases of accidents.



Security is provided in all residential park homes to ensure everyone stays safe just like those living in normal houses. People in such communities are easy going as they go about their daily lives without any fears and worries. When looking for any property, security is the first thing one looks at and in a static caravan you are assured of your safety and that of your property at all times.


There is no limit to the luxurious facilities that investors include for those who choose to rent or buy static caravans. There are facilities such as; heated swimming pool and spa, children’s play area, free access to wife, the list is endless. With all these, you and your family will surely enjoy all the comfort of the luxurious things that anyone enjoys in the suburbs. The fun is, you can also take your pet with you and provide it with all the necessities and luxuries it is used to.


Recent survey done on the lifestyle of those living in static caravans indicates that these people have nothing to complain about. The fact that some people live in these housing plan permanently goes to show how comfort, economical, convenient and safe they are. Compared to living in conventional caravans, static caravans are by far the best option due to the comfort and luxury you get to enjoy. At the end of the day, all you want is value for your money, something you will definitely find when staying in a static caravan.

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What Has Caused the Rise in Popularity of Caravan Holidays in the UK?

Back in the year 2014, the number of bookings for caravan and camping holidays had risen by almost 15% compared to the previous year. The data provided showed that holidaymakers preferred a caravan holiday rather than going abroad for a holiday. This notable rise of caravan holidays has been associated with some factors which have favoured it even to the present.

The National Caravan Council reported that this rise can be associated to ‘glamping’. ‘Glamping’ is what people have branded the stylish, classy and lavish camping. Many people have shown their love for magnificent camping and that is exactly what caravan holidays are offering them. This popularity has seen the number of bookings rise notably.

Another reason that has led to the rise in the popularity of caravan holiday bookings is the fact that the industry managed to escape plans by the government to charge a levy on VAT on the caravan holiday homes sold. The plan was to increase the tax on the sold static caravans by 20%. This would see a $ 6000 increase in the sale of an average static caravan holiday home. The government however, reversed the plan and instead imposed only a 5% VAT rate. This implied that affording static caravans for a holiday had been made cheaper.


This low VAT tax rate has seen the industry grow since then. It has attracted a bigger number of people to make advance bookings. This has registered a 14% increase in advance bookings, something that has boosted the economy of UK by approximately $6 billion.

According to the Caravan Industry Training (CIT) head, people have had a new perspective towards camping in their homeland. The caravanning and camping holidays have had people develop a new image of what it is to have a holiday at their home. Many have discovered that their own shores offer very great experience and adventures. They have therefore chosen to explore in their own shores, instead of going abroad.

Something else favouring the rise of the popularity of caravan holidays is the increased options to choose from. There is a wide variety of classy and lavish choices to consider for your camping and holidays. In addition to the already existing options, glamping has increased the range from which the holidaymaker can choose from. This has seen many people make bookings since they are no longer restricted by the few options which were available before: they are at liberty to choose which kind of camping and holiday adventure gives them the greatest experience.

The urge by parents to cut down costs during their day trips and short breaks has also brought about the rise in caravan holidays. Parents are ready to spend an average of 40 dollars during these trips. This was according to a report produced by Travelodge in 2013. In a bid to minimize these costs, a number of parents are opting to visit beachside resorts such as Brighton and Cornwall rather than going abroad which turns out to be costly.

The increase of caravan holidays during school terms can be attributed to the fact that a 55% of families prefer to take their children out during school terms. Parents choose to take their children to tours while the school is in session to save on money. The amount a family would spend in a holiday abroad during school breaks is very high. This cannot be compared to the amount they would spend when they took out their children during the school term for caravan holidays. If you asked two-thirds of these parents how much they were striving to save by booking for caravan holidays, they would say that saving $500 or less is a good figure for them. Some even do so to save as little as $50. This was according to a report by the Direct Line Travel Insurance.

Parents are so much encouraged by the wide range of opportunities and the amount caravan holidays saves them compared to abroad visits during school breaks. Some are even going to an extent of forgetting that their children’s schools do have policies regarding taking breaks during school terms, and taking their children out anyway.

All these factors explain to you clearly why there has been rise of popularity of caravan holidays. Increased opportunities and so more adventurous experiences, favourable tax rates and the need to cut cost and save on holiday budgets being the leading causes.

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